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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sri Lanka Vs India, A lot more than just World Cup Final.

In two days time, the Cricket World Cup 2011 final will be played in Wankade Stadium, Mumbai, India.

Sri Lanka will be facing off the home team India in a thrilling match which will decide who is the World Champion of Cricket.

India is a country said to be sixty times larger than Sri Lanka. With a daunting population of 1200 Million people. If India has 2 percent of its people playing cricket, It will be more than the total population of Sri Lanka which is around 20 Million. India is far superior when it comes to financial capabilities as BCCI the controlling body of Cricket in India being the richest in the world.
One would think that with all these resources Indian team should be the best team in the world. But they aren't. Four years ago they were kicked out of the World Cup 2007 in the first round itself by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

So people would ask what does Sri Lanka have? Well compared to India, Sri Lanka is far behind in terms of resources. But Sri Lankan cricketers have unmatched courage, unparalleled skill and unforgiving competitiveness.

It is not numbers that count but the attitude of cricketers and their devotion for what they believe in. For that Sri Lankan cricket team can be given a full hundred because they never thought that they were underdogs. They played their hearts out in crunch games in this world cup and got into the final for the second consecutive time showing consistency.

Furthermore winning this world cup means a lot to Sri Lanka because it will definitely bring in peace and friendship amongst Sri Lankans. Just like the 1995 Rugby World Cup win solved all the ethnic conflicts between blacks and whites in South Africa.

This country needs greatness to heal the wounds of the past and I am sure that our team would be able to deliver that greatness. The greatness which will unite Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Catholics and would heal all the wounds of the past.

So lets join our hands together and wish our lions victory. Go Sri Lanka!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nearing End of My Degree Studies

It has been quite sometime since I last blogged. I was/am busy neck deep with my final year project work and studies and didn't get much time to blog. So far everything is going smoothly. Hope I would be able to finish off well.

Last year Participating in Google Summer of Code changed my life completely. I was a part time student before I took part in GSoC and had 2 more years of academic studies left. But with GSoC I managed to cut it 1 year. Thanks to almighty god.

Hoping that everything goes well as planned.