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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving On..

Almost two months into Google Summer of Code, The knowledge I gained in developing Java Web Application is immense. I wasn't fluent with J2EE Applications before, even though I had some experience in J2SE. Thus far GSoC has been a really good learning experience.

Last week (22/07/2010) I had my second and final presentation. It went as planned apart from some minor technical glitches in the conference call. Well there was nothing much I could do about it either. Anyhow I was able to demonstrate what I did to the community and was able to get some positive feedback to improve what I have done.

I am currently working on them along with the Module Configuration related developments.

I hope to continue the developments of the Module Configuration in coming week and finish it off as soon as possible.

I hope everything goes smoothly and god will be with me as always.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Presentation II..

Ever since Google Summer of Code began. It was a quite a learning experience from all aspects. From time management to designing and coding. Looking back at the path so far, I have learnt so much that I didn't know earlier and I have been focusing myself on to achieve the goals of my project.

Last week was an eventful one where I had to finalize on a design for the Module Configuration at start up. I had a discussion with my mentor, back up mentor and some other people from the openmrs developer community and came to a design decision.
Now I have started developing it and hoping to finish it before the end of the summer.

Apart from that I completed my mid term evaluation survey and I got to know that I have successfully completed up to mid term. Which is a motivation factor for the rest of the summer. I am hoping to carry out the work I have been doing so far till the end.

Presentation II is due this week and hoping to do a presentation on the goals and a small demonstration.

Hope everything goes smoothly and hope god be with me as always.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evaluation I

Last week was an eventful one where I started searching for ideas on how to build the Module Configuration mechanism at start up. I got some valuable feedback from the community as well as from my mentor.

Now I need to do some studying and come up with a design which will be accepted by my mentor. My mentor provided me with some great resources of similar work and I am currently going through them.

Apart from that I had to develop a mechanism which would automatically check for Module updates and prompt whenever there are module updates available, right in the Administration Page.

This week being the Mid Term Evaluation period, I am hoping to complete my evaluation as soon as possible and continue on with my project work. Hoping to come up with a good design for Module Configuration mechanism.

Hope god will be with me as always

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Learning More..

Last week was quite an eventful one where I had to integrate and test the module repository caching with the online module repository ( The caching mechanism works as expected but may require some fine tuning.

Decided to work on those fine tuning after having a discussion with my mentor. Along with those fine tuning I would have to start designing a proper way to configure modules right after they have been deployed on to the Openmrs system. Need to discuss about possible designs of that with the community.

Mid Term evaluation just a week away, enjoyed the experience I acquired all throughout since the beginning of this summer. Gained a lot of valuable insight of how Open source projects are performing and how they collaborate to solve problems.

Hoping to learn more and contribute more. May god be with me as always.