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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving On..

Almost two months into Google Summer of Code, The knowledge I gained in developing Java Web Application is immense. I wasn't fluent with J2EE Applications before, even though I had some experience in J2SE. Thus far GSoC has been a really good learning experience.

Last week (22/07/2010) I had my second and final presentation. It went as planned apart from some minor technical glitches in the conference call. Well there was nothing much I could do about it either. Anyhow I was able to demonstrate what I did to the community and was able to get some positive feedback to improve what I have done.

I am currently working on them along with the Module Configuration related developments.

I hope to continue the developments of the Module Configuration in coming week and finish it off as soon as possible.

I hope everything goes smoothly and god will be with me as always.

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