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Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Week...

It has been one week since Google Summer of Code officially kicked off. There have been a lot of commits being done to the SVN throughout the first week. All interns for the summer seems to be enjoying their coding including me.

We had a demonstration on OpenMRS Web Application on last Thursday (27th of May 2010). and as usual attended the conference call. From time to time I make skype calls to my mentor to clear out any doubts I have during development. He is very willing to answer my questions and sometimes stays awake till midnight to attend the call :).

Having a good time as well as working hard to achieve the goal of giving a nice presentation on 10th of June 2010. Hoping everything will go smoothly.

Hope god will be with me as always.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Commit Numero Uno

Google Summer of Code begins today (24th of May 2010). I started my developments on Friday (21st of May 2010) and was able to do my first commit on Saturday (22nd of May 2010) to my branch which is at

I have been developing on Sunday (23rd of May 2010) as well and managed to finish some UI modifications and back end code changes.

Hoping to have a skype call with my mentor clear out any confusions possibly within the next 3 days.

Hoping to give a good presentation on 10th of June 2010 and carry on from there.

May god be with me as always.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy, Excited, Determined

In about 7 days from today (17th May 2010) Google Summer of Code 2010 coding officially begins and would last for little more than 3 months (till 30th August 2010). During this I am looking forward to learn a lot and also to contribute to a worthy cause.

Last week was a very eventful one because I had 3 final exams of my degree within 5 days and I had to spare time to keep up with my OpenMRS Project as well. Somehow I managed to get both done while balancing between studies and work.

I have created my OpenMRS GSoC Project Page on OpenMRS Wiki.

And last Saturday (15th of May 2010) was a memorable one too because myself and Ruwan were invited to a Sri Lankan GSoC Students meetup held at the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. It was organized by Lanka Software Foundation and it was a very pleasant experience for me.

I am hoping to start off my work on 22th of May 2010 to get a head start. I hope everything goes smoothly as planned and god will be with me as always.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Ready.... Part 2

It has been yet another learning week. Communicated with my mentor and tried to ask as many questions as possible to further understand what needs to be done. Attended the weekly conference call held on every Thursday. Getting to know the community members further. Got a mail from my mentor on areas I should further look out for related to my project.

Last Saturday (8th of May 2010) OpenMRS GSoC 2010 Interns from Sri Lanka (Including me :)) managed to meet up and share our experiences. It was a very happy meet up held around 8.30 a.m. in the morning at IIT (Where I study).

In the picture :
Bottom Left : Umashanthi Pavalanathan (University of Moratuwa, CSE Faculty)
Top Left : Shazin Sadakath (Me :)) (IIT Sri Lanka)
Bottom Right : Ruwan Egodawatta (IIT Sri Lanka)
Top Right : Firzhan Naqash (University of Moratuwa, IT Faculty)

I will be having my final exams starting from tomorrow (11th of May 2010) and it will come to an end on 21st of May 2010. After that I can fully allocate myself to OpenMRS Module Administration Refinement. Hoping to give out my best and get it done at any cost :). Hope god will be with me every step of the way as always.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting Ready....

Almost one week since GSOC results were announced. Community Bonding Period certainly helps to keep in touch with the mentors. Primary method of communication is email but I always stay online in the IRC #openmrs channel just in case.

Communicated with my immediate mentor Burke Mamlin and understood my project priorities. Which are:

* Writing code that allows module upgrade or deletion to be queued for a subsequent manual restart of the OpenMRS
* Modifications to module administration page

Started drafting a project plan on last Saturday (1st May 2010). Hoping to stick to throughout and was trying to get familiar with the existing code of Module Administration. Dry running the code as well as execution testing.

Was a very informative week so far. Hoping to learn more :).