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Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy, Excited, Determined

In about 7 days from today (17th May 2010) Google Summer of Code 2010 coding officially begins and would last for little more than 3 months (till 30th August 2010). During this I am looking forward to learn a lot and also to contribute to a worthy cause.

Last week was a very eventful one because I had 3 final exams of my degree within 5 days and I had to spare time to keep up with my OpenMRS Project as well. Somehow I managed to get both done while balancing between studies and work.

I have created my OpenMRS GSoC Project Page on OpenMRS Wiki.

And last Saturday (15th of May 2010) was a memorable one too because myself and Ruwan were invited to a Sri Lankan GSoC Students meetup held at the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. It was organized by Lanka Software Foundation and it was a very pleasant experience for me.

I am hoping to start off my work on 22th of May 2010 to get a head start. I hope everything goes smoothly as planned and god will be with me as always.

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