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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A month of Work, Fun and Excitement

It is more than one month since Google Summer of Code coding officially kicked off on 24th of May 2010. Turning back I can see all the oppurtunities I faced to learn and the challenges I had to face and how I accomplished them of course with the great help of my mentor. It was a great month.

Recapping on last week where I managed to get the Module Repository caching done and started testing with a locally hosted module repository.

Before the Module Repository caching for each Key Stroke on the Module Repository search box an ajax call is sent to remote server. This call is sent via the internet. In sites where internet is slow this could take time to search modules.

With the initial module repository caching at the startup of all the modules in the repository. I have changed the ajax call to call a servlet which resides in the local host. Thus the requests sent over the internet is decreased. Which leads to faster module search.

I am yet to fully test this with the actual system. Once I do it I can do a performance test.

Hoping to do those within this week. Hope god will be with me as always.

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