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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Presentation I..

Last week was an eventful week with the OpenMRS Interns Presentation on 10/06/2010.
I wanted to do a Presentation of the problem statement which can be understood by anyone, and which describes what I have done so far and what I am hoping to do in the future.

I thought to create a Presentation which is informal but clearly states the above mentioned.

The Presentation can be found at

I got to do my Presentation via a Skype Conference Call where I had to speak and explain each slide. Unfortunately the screen share system didn't work for Sri Lanka on that day due to some bandwidth problems, so my mentor (Burke Mamlin) had to flip through the slide while I was explaining orally. Thank you Burke for that :). It seems many have enjoyed the slides and my mentor said that my presentation was easy to follow.

I couldn't do the demonstration of the things I have done, sadly :( but I was determined to show it at least to my mentor. So I managed to take some time out my mentor's busy schedule and did a screen sharing via Skype on Saturday around 10.00 P.M. UTC-4. He gave me some feedback which included pros and cons of my work so far.

He pointed out somethings which he said are of low priority that can be done to improve the things I have done. I took notes about them and hoping to get to them at the end of the summer.

Currently I am planning and designing to do the Speeding up of module repository search which would also be another challenging task.

Hope everything goes smoothly and may god be with me as always.

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