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Thursday, April 25, 2013

RC Car Tear Down and Control Using Arduino

In a previous post I showed the RC Car I bought and the internals of it. As I mentioned, there was a RX 2 Chip inside the Car but the pin layout was not exactly same as it is mentioned in the datasheet. So I had to ask my wife for help in controlling the car from the remote control and used a multimeter to find out which pins are being activated for each command. The datasheet mentioned that;

  1. Pin No 11 = Forward
  2. Pin No 12 = Backward
  3. Pin No 6 = Right
  4. Pin No 7 = Left
But as it turns out 

Pin No 6 is Left and Pin No 7 is Right. So after finding those out I soldered required wires to the Circuit and hoping to work more on that. 

The video of the testing is below


Andy said...
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Andy said...
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