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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Temperature and Humidity Measuring using Arduino + DHT Sensor

Oven, the somewhat correct word which can be used explain Sri Lankan climate at the moment. It becomes so hot during the day and somewhat similar in the nights. Sleeping is impossible without taking a shower. Ideal time to do a project to measure the Humidity and Temperature.

Had the DHT sensor and a 8x2 LCD (GDM0802A) lying around in my electronics collection and thought to put up a small project. 

Unfortunately the LCD didn't have pins so I had to do a bit of soldering. To be honest not the most experienced man when it comes to soldering, so was a bit worried to get started and going. But anyway went on with it and finally managed to do a pretty decent job with the hot iron and it came out well enough to work.

And managed to get the following schematic in place for the project. 

And a bit of Arduino coding to get the sketch done. 

Finally the whole project in working mode.

And video of humidity changing when a cold water bottle is placed near.

  1. DHT Library -
  2. GDM0802A Datasheet -

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