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Thursday, August 30, 2012 Interview!!!! Yeah you heard it,! - 3

Thanks to almighty god, I was contacted by Kristin on Friday (24/08/2012) and invited for the 3rd interview which was held on today (30/08/2012).

A Software Development Engineer named Armin contacted me and as usual he asked some general questions followed by technical questions.One of the main questions was;

Given integer array and number k find the two numbers in the array which will add up and become equal to k

The solution I wrote was as below.

int [] inA = new int[6]{1,2,3,4,5,6};
int k = 2

 int[] find ( int[] inArray, int k ) {
     int n1, n2;
     for(int i=0;i<inArray.length;i++) {
         for(int j=0;j<inArray.length;j++) {
             if((inArray[i] + inArray[j]) == k && i != j) {
                 n1 = inArray[i];
                 n2 = inArray[j];
                 break outer;
     if(n1 == 0 && n2 == 0) {
         return null;
     return new int[] { n1, n2 };
The complexity is O(n^2) and Armin was ok with it. Then he asked me whether I have any questions and I asked about my prospective line of work there. He said it will be mostly Payment Transaction processing related development. Anyhow I am thankful to god for giving me this entire experience.

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