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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I didn't get the Job

Well I was informed by Kristin yesterday (12/09/2012) that there are pursuing with other candidates but I might be considered for future opportunities. Well I am not sad because I took out of good experience through these interviews on what to expect, where should I improve myself on.

One of the main problems I think that got me out of the interview process is that, I didn't ask enough questions from the interviewer. I was trying to find the solution to the problem as quickly as possible. As I think the two algorithms I wrote are in first and last phone screens were not what the interviewers were expecting. Amazon is a company working with millions of records and transactions per day so they might expect their algorithms to be much more efficient than O(n^2). The interviewer never told me this but I guess it is my fault I should have asked.

But I am pretty sure that I did really well during the second phone screen and wrote a very effient solution for the take home question given to me by Pascal. Pascal himself replied to me commending about the cleaness of the code.I am happy and proud about that.

But there are a lot of skills that I should master and this was a good wake up call. Hopefully I work hard on my weaknesses and become good in the future. Anyway as always thank god for giving me the opportunity.

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